Customer service representative

City of Hutto
US - Texas - Houston
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  • Start Date: 10/16/2023
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Salary: 13-22$ per hour
  • 30+ days ago

Job Description

This is a distant location, but no special equipment is necessary to get started.
Entry-level chores are simple enough to do on any smartphone or computer.
All you need to stay connected during the workday is a robust internet connection.
The position's purpose is to carry out various customer service inspections on a local level.
This is one of the components of our large company evaluation solution.
You will serve as a hidden client to inspect the service based on the criteria provided.
We employ randomized personal information to make each encounter unique.
This enables us to collect the most accurate and unbiased data on the company's operations.
Training For the post of Customer Service Quality Inspector, the company provides paid training.
The trial period lasts one calendar month (31 days) and begins on the date you signed the employment contract.
During the training session, you will learn how to do fundamental daily tasks and how to utilize your online cabinet properly.
You will only be assigned entry-level tasks to ensure that you do them on time and appropriately.
One of our supervisors will be assigned to you to help you progress throughout your probation period.
At the conclusion of the period, your performance will be evaluated, and if your results unsatisfactory, your employment may be terminated.


High School Diploma/GED
Consistent internet connection
Capable of lifting/pulling/picking up to 50 pounds at a time
Ability to travel up to 10 miles every day.

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