Director of Agronomy

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  • Post Date: Aug 01, 2019
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  • Start Date: 8/1/2019
  • Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

AVF CBD LLC is an established, multi-state operator in hemp cultivation and product development. We interface with various groups from farmers to pharma companies. The founder most recently worked at Acreage Holdings, one on the world's largest cannabis companies. We are a dynamic, fast growing company with a mission to truly help individuals and society at large with our products. We are looking for a Director of Agronomy to oversee our growth in the Nevada/Arizona area.

Responsibilities include:

• Direct and perform the acquisition of data both from internal experiments and from published research.

• Refine and adjust procedures relating to propagation, fertility, as well as pest, disease and weed management.

• Develop plans and monitor their execution specifically tailored to different climates, soil types, and relationships, equipment and labor resources for the farm operators with which we’ve partnered.

• Evaluate technological advances that relate to all aspects of agronomy spanning from farm equipment, to agricultural imaging, and precision fertility and irrigation

• Work closely with both Director of Plant Genetics and Director of Extraction so as to tailor production processes in a manner that meshes propagation and varietals to the criteria necessary to facilitate high quality extractions at low cost.

• Maintains records documenting germination results and methods employed in propagation of each varietal.

• Responsible for developing work plans and budgets for team. Manages spending within budget.

• Responsible for the day to day oversight and management of assigned staff and employees within guidelines of department objectives and goals.

• Ensures up-to-date accurate documentation and labeling of all plant material assigned to team.

• Keeps abreast of trends & developments in field and applies appropriate changes.


Qualifications include:

• Master’s degree in horticulture, botany or related field or equivalent experience

• Wide ranging experience with soil types and both modern irrigation and dryland farming concepts utilized throughout the US, with a bonus for knowledge of this in Central and South America.

• A deep understanding of the cutting edge of irrigation and agricultural technology ranging from the use of imaging and drones in crop care and maintenance, to innovative irrigation solutions, and the operation and engineering of obscure and novel farm equipment.

• Precision agriculture and plasticulture would also be considered beneficial.

• Experience with cannabinoid production as well as fiber and seed production all at larger scales

• A foundational understanding in both conventional and organic fertility, weed management and IPM/biorational pest management is critical.

• High capacity for communication and collaboration.

• Excellent technical skills and ability to document.

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