Assistant Civil Engineer

Lehigh Technical
US-NY-New York
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  • Post Date: Apr 25, 2019
  • Start Date: 4/25/2019
  • Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

Job Description

Qualification Requirements:
A Baccalaureate degree in Civil/Structural Engineering

Experience Requirements:
Two years' experience in Civil/Structural Engineering or maintanance or experience with Construction project(s) with civil/structural/utility responsibilities.

Special Skills/Training Requirements:
A. The ability to coordinate with a multitude of contractors and NYCT maintenance operation and engineering personnel in serving as the site engineer responsible for the oversight of the daily project work activities.
B. The ability to perform at an accepable level during the construction phase of repairing the age/maintenance related damages under the Division of Buses, Shops and Yards.
C. A practical knowledge of NYCT's or other railroad's civil, structural and utility system which should include the ability to work independently under general supervision.
D. One-Day NYCT track safety training course is required prior to participating in work on or near the wayside.
E. The ability to write clearly, organize project information, prepares reports and presentations interact and communicate with contractors and other NYCT departments.
F. Computer literate with working knowledge of MS Word & Excel.
G. The consultant shall provide safety shoes, at no cost to the NYCT, which must meet NYCT guidelines and specifications when participating in any activities located on track or wayside.
H. The consultants shall become familiar with and follow NYCT guidelines and procedure as applicable.

Description of Work:
A. Provide inspection, monitoring, coordination and engineering support services for civil, structural & utilities services.
B. Monitor contractor's installation and testing of various civil/structural/utilities activities.
C. Arrange for design support during the construction of various projects.
D. Must be able to take directions from the construction manager/design manager as well as obey and enforce all TA safety and quality guidelines.
E. The ability to coordinate all NYCT services namely right-of-way flag persons, Access & Protection of: Communication rooms, Electrical distribution rooms (EDR's), Manhole and Power substations to allow for survey inspection and to repairs and or fix age/maintenance/storm related damages in the buses, shops & yards and subway station facilities.
F. Serve as field coordinator in charge of instructing and directing NYCT construction support personnel (flagging, diversion, cable cutting and splicing, work train and access and protection employees) to safely perform their required assignments within the NYCT system. This includes assurance of usage of all required personal protection equipment and reporting any unsafe working activities or conditions along with possible issuance of cease work directives if and whenever required.
G. Serve as a liaison for a construction management office to communicate with and obtain all required support and approvals from NYCT railroad operations, mainentance and other applicable construction management office personnel and management.
H. Must be able to work on live tracks and confine space areas.
I. Must be able to work all shifts, particularly nights and weekends in addition to traditional dayshift business hours, with short notification.

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