Junior Electrical Engineer

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  • Post Date: Jul 20, 2019
  • Start Date: 7/20/2019
  • Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

Description: Performs analysis, design, modeling, simulation, instrumentation, fabrication, test and integration of electrical Systems for ground support and space borne applications including magnetic, electromagnetic and electronic components and subsystems.

Duties: Support the design/analysis of flight boards.  Interprets system level requirements as they apply to the development of electrical systems and components, identifies design alternatives and performs trade-off studies, error budget, sensitivity, reliability, failure mode and worst-case analysis to determine the optimum approach for the design, and to predict performance of the system for the expected operational and environmental conditions. Designs or performs test sequences to measure and characterize the performance of electrical components and systems, and, subsequently, analyzes and interprets the test results and prepares summary reports.

Qualifications: This position requires some knowledge of analysis, design and development of electrical and electronic systems for space borne applications including hands-on work in the fabrication, ground test and integration and on-orbit operation of flight hardware. Exposure to analysis and design of control systems, the operation and interfacing to the spacecraft's command and telemetry and power subsystems, sensors and actuators, experience in the design of electronic instrumentation systems from the standpoint of grounding, shielding and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), component de-ratings, performance limitations and the effects of cosmic radiation, and the modeling and management of the thermal effects that result from the power dissipation in electrical components. Experience in the use of electronic instrumentation and test equipment and of computer aided analysis, design and simulation tools such as PSpice™, OrCAD™, ELECTRO™, MAGNETO™, COULOMB™, and AMPERE™. Strong computer skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other technical software) and excellent communication/interpersonal skills are required. A Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, physics or mathematics is required.

***U.S. citizenship is required because of the sensitivity of work.***

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