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Advanced Navigation & Positioning Corporation
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ANPC was founded in 1991 to benefit general aviation and expand overall airspace capacity by providing all-weather approach and landing capabilities to regional and municipal airports surrounded by rugged terrain or obstacles, beneath or adjacent to a runway’s final approach path. The Instrument Landing System has provided this capability to larger commercial airports for over forty years, but cannot provide sufficient guidance accuracy where reflections from obstacles interfere with its radio transmissions.

Thus, ANPC’s founders developed the Transponder Landing System (TLS), a ground-based guidance system capable of supplying vertical and horizontal approach guidance to terrain-challenged airports, while at the same time utilizing ILS airborne equipment to minimize operator costs. ANPC is a transponder multilateration pioneer having deployed the first ground-based bi-static radar in 1991. TLS benefits from the best combination of time-of-arrival multilateration and phase measurement (interferometer) technology, with an ILS uplink to provide a combination of radar, ILS and PAR functionality that is extraordinary and unmatched in the world.

The Future of Air Traffic Management

?The global aviation environment is faced with imminent change in the way air traffic is managed. The growing demands on airspace capacity will necessitate not only additional runway ends, but decreasing separation minimums, particularly in the terminal environment. To accomplish this, air traffic management systems will have to coordinate from a common data set for reduced controller workload and positioning integrity.