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Company Information
WACKER is a technology and market leader in many key industries, and a player in all growth markets. In recent years, we have set up new production and sales sites worldwide and have optimized existing plants. The necessary procurement processes are controlled by specialist teams.?

As well as highly skilled staff, the WACKER Group needs two important things in order to make its products – raw materials and energy. Procuring those is handled by our corporate department Raw Materials Procurement (RMP).

Silicon, methanol, ethylene, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) and acetic acid are the top raw materials which form the chemical backbone of WACKER’s products. Strategic raw materials such as catalysts, acrylates, surfactants and fillers all need to comply with high product-quality requirements, whilst at the same time meeting our need for maximum security of supply. Another central task is to ensure the longterm provision of gas and electricity at our sites worldwide.

Continouos market evaluation and the development of raw-material specific procurement strategies play a major role, as well as efficient processes for procuring raw materials. Therefore we use an integrated management system operated by a dedicated team of procurement experts.?